Making an Appointment

All appointments will take place initially via telephone or video conference call, these are also referred to as Remote Consultations. Please don’t come into the practice, call to make an appointment or book online. We’ll call you back at the time of your appointment (or soon after your booking) so please make sure you are somewhere quiet with phone signal, and keep an eye on your phone. If you would like a video consultation, or if the doctor believed it is necessary for the remote assessment. We will send you an SMS message with instructions when we are ready before appointment begins

If the doctor asks you to send a photo, you will be sent a link to upload by an SMS to your mobile. To take a clear picture follow the guidance below.

Patients may attend only if invited to the surgery. We will send you information after your telephone call. 


New Ultrasound Service


Diagnostic World Tel 01329552440 provides this service at our practice.

If you were invited to have your scan, please attend on time, wait in the car park, the Sonographer will call you when he/she is ready to see you. Please do not call us as the Sonographer will be scanning other patients. When you are invited in, please use the back door of the practice where there is an "Ultrasound" sign. We would encourage you to use face covering during your visit to the practice. Any question please call 01329552440

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