COVID 19 (C19) Vaccine Update

Update on COVID Vaccines (C19 vacc) updated 16/01/2021


Letters to book in Epsom

Many patients may have received letters from NHS England advising them to to book their C19 vaccines at a choice of national sites, the nearest being in Epsom. We would like to assure our patient that this services is an additional service provided by the national NHS and not an alternative. Your local NHS (GP Practices) is also providing vaccinations. Please remember you cannot duplicate bookings.  

C19 vaccines administration

Our practice has collaborated with other local practices, we are working together to have our population vaccinated. The name of the group organisation is NICS which is a GP Federation of local practices in North West Surrey. 

The service started in Walton-On-Thames "The Heart Centre" at the old HMV place near the old Debenham's. 

Care Homes and Housebound patients

We aim to finish this task of vaccinating all residents of care homes in January. We have not commenced vaccinating the housebound as yet, it is likely to commence when we receive the Oxford AZ vaccines, this is expected soon.


Patients will be contacted by SMS text messages and telephone. Those who cannot be reached will be sent letters.

Invitations are sent out via our SMS for vaccination system. 

We know from experience that the slots will go very quickly.  The system is not ideal and is still in development. 

Our appointment book does not enable anyone to book into it unless generated & invited by the text message sent.  Another drawback is that people with old mobile phones can’t get the links to work.  These are problems that are being looked at by AccuRx.  We are receiving a lot of calls  about the vaccine.

Our practice has collaborated with other local practices, we are working together to have our population vaccinated.

Who is being vaccinated now?

First wave is for patients who are 80 years old or older, we are going through this group. The second one is patients between 75 and 79 yeard old which will commence in the next week.

The campaign will be handled by our GP practices Federation (also called NICS) which is the body of our local practices.

Advice for patients

  1. If the link on the smart phone doesn’t work it is because there are no more appointments for that batch available. You will be invited again once new vaccine supply is available.
  2. At the moment we don’t’ have a regular supply of vaccine and so are not putting on appointments far in advance as we cannot guarantee when the vaccine will be delivered.
  3. Texts will be sent out when we have more appointments available and as the booking system is refined other ways of booking will be available.
  4. People can put on mobile phone numbers of next of kin to receive invitations if desired and people need to make sure that their mobile numbers are correct on their notes. 
  5. We are still in very early stages of this programme and have limited vaccine at the moment – please be patient.
  6. For those patients who have an old mobile phone or no mobile they will be called via landlines to receive their vaccine in time.
  7. At present housebound patients are not being vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. This is likely to commence once the Oxford/AZ vaccine is rolled out.


Making an Appointment

All appointments will take place initially via telephone or video conference call, these are also referred to as Remote Consultations. Please don’t come into the practice, call to make an appointment or book online. We’ll call you back at the time of your appointment (or soon after your booking) so please make sure you are somewhere quiet with phone signal, and keep an eye on your phone. If you would like a video consultation, or if the doctor believed it is necessary for the remote assessment. We will send you an SMS message with instructions when we are ready before appointment begins

If the doctor asks you to send a photo, you will be sent a link to upload by an SMS to your mobile. To take a clear picture follow the guidance below.

Patients may attend only if invited to the surgery. We will send you information after your telephone call.