Welcome to Ashley Medical Practice

Dr Layth J Delaimy,

Our Philosophy of Care

We aim to make you and your family welcome and as comfortable as possible and we hope you will find us friendly and approachable.


Our ethos is to provide excellence in family medicine. We have Family Doctors who are trained in the principles of the discipline of Family Medicine. They are personal doctors, primarily responsible for the provision of comprehensive and continuing care to every individual seeking medical care irrespective of age, race, sex and illness.

What does our logo mean

Origins: Mesopotamian- Greek- Roman
Our logo representing a serpent (a form of reptile similar to snake) and a cup which is a modification of Caduceus.


Mesopotamian Origin.
Ningizzida: God of Healing.

An old Mesopotamian fertility god from Iraq, addressed as 'Lord of the Tree of Life'. Sometimes he is a serpent with a human head, but later he was a god of healing and magic. He is the companion of Tammuz with whom he stood at the gate of heaven.


The Greek Adaptation
This was adopted by the Greek to become the god Hermes who was a god of trade and a messenger. He was also a guide in the underworld (afterlife). He was the inventor of fire, and many athletic games and has become a patron of well being (health)

Hermes was usually wears a winged hat or cap (petasus), wearing winged sandals (talaria), and carrying his wand or stick – either a caduceus with serpents.


The Roman Adaptation
Hermes name was changed to Mercurius from the latin word Merx or merchandise. It has resulted in adapting the name for planet Mercury & the element Mercury. It is like the god moves swiftly from place to place. The movement of Mercury perhaps was described to be as quick as a serpent to carry messages between gods.

Medicine has used the Caduceus as a sign of Mercury to represent all messengers between gods. Then the symbol started to refer to health & well being to restore the old Mesopotamian meaning of the deity being the god of healing. Could this also mean that medicine and the power of healing are divine power or secrets that are usually carried by messengers who are the doctors & nurses. Thus using the Caduceus symbol to represent them?



Wand or stick of Mercurius, previously called Hermes & prior to all was called ningizzida.