Contraceptive Pill

Repeat Prescriptions of Contraceptive Pills
Under certain conditions we may be able to issue repeat prescriptions of the contraceptive pill without the need to see a doctor or nurse.

You may apply for a repeat prescription of the same contraceptive pill if:


      • You are aged between 18 and 35 and you are currently taking certain contraceptive pills that have been prescribed by a GP at our practice. The list of pills is available on the application form.

        You have had your blood pressure and weight measured in the last year, either in the practice or by a health professional and these are within safe limits.

        You have had a cervical smear test within the last three years.

        You are happy with your current pill and have no problems or side effects.

Your repeat prescription will usually be ready for collection within 2 working days. If you wish to have your prescription posted to you, you can enclose a stamped addressed envelope and we will post it to you.


Application forms are available from the practice. Please ask at reception.


Alternatively you can fill in a copy of the form which you can download here:

Contraception Pill Form